DubjayMusic is a self-made musician, a testament to his strong will and determination to share his gift with the world. DubjayMusic has a story to tell listeners. Every rap lyric he produces is another puzzle piece to his story. DubjayMusic has the sound that the music industry is missing.

DubjayMusic has released some great songs which have special meaning to him. “Country Livin'” is a song DubjayMusic wrote about his hometown. In DubjayMusic’s hometown, where there really isn’t much to do, they hit a backroad with the music turned up.

His song “Im A Boss” is about overcoming the hate that people were throwing at DubjayMusic. He wrote this song to encourage people and motivate them to keep pushing through the hate. DubjayMusic’s message: We are all bosses.

His tune “Im Honest” is a song DubjayMusic composed  to display his versatility and rap skills. This song is for anyone who needs that kick to get the day started and to carry those good vibes with them throughout the day.

DubjayMusic’s songs are inspired by artists Juice Wrld and Rittz. DubjayMusic believes they represent real life in their music and every song is upbeat and catchy. DubjayMusic was recently accepted into FullSail University to study business and music. His dream after college is to help educate and inspire others to follow their music dreams.